About Us

Shoe Pop is all about that special shoe to take you from day to night.  We are a division of Donna Moda, a specialty store specializing in custom dresses for mother of the bride/groom and mother of the bar/bat mitzvah child.  Donna Moda also carries dresses for formal events, parties or any special occasion. 

 Shoe Pop was the brain child of its owner, Jennifer.  She had been working for Anna at Donna Moda, when it occurred to her, that when woman shop for dresses, they also need the accessories and shoes that go along with the dress.  In a sense, one stop shopping,  thus the incarnation of Shoe Pop.

We pride ourselves in excellent service and customer satisfaction.  We love our clients and always want the best for them!  Please visit our store at 68 Westwood Ave. in beautiful Westwood New Jersey or shop here @ Shoepopshop.com.